Trump’s Right. Obama and Hillary Founded ISIS

Trump's Right

Trump’s Right. Obama, Hillary Are The Founders of ISIS

Obama, Hillary, Kerry, McCain, Graham, All Helped ISIS Begin.

Trump’s right, and he’s not the only one who found it strange and coincidental that ISIS seemingly appeared out of nowhere as a major military power.

Let’s look at the timeline of events:

1. March 2011, the first Syrian Protest against Assad began, by June 2011 it had evolved into a full blown Civil War:

As the Syrian Civil War erupted, the Obama Administration began efforts to support the overthrow of the Assad Government. At the direction of President Obama and the State Department. The CIA was put in charge of the operations, worth about a billion dollars annually. The goal was to arm anti-government forces at the early stages of the Civil War. The CIA only supplied the Free Syrian Army with non-lethal aid in the beginning. However, they quickly began providing training, cash, and intelligence to other selected rebel commanders.

2. April 2012, with Hillary’s authorization, Graham and McCain meet with Syrian Rebels:

Trump's Right

The former GOP presidential candidate said, that Syrian rebels needed help to defend themselves.

“I believe there are ways to supply weapons to the opposition without direct United States involvement,” McCain said. “The Iranians and the Russians are providing Bashar Assad with weapons. People that are being massacred deserve to have the ability to defend themselves.”

“So I am not only not opposed, but I am in favor of weapons being obtained by the opposition,” McCain added.

“The bloodshed must be stopped, and we should rule out no option that could help to save lives. We must consider, among other actions, providing opposition groups inside Syria, both political and military, with better means to organize their activities, to care for the wounded and find safe haven, to communicate securely, to defend themselves, and to fight back against Assad’s forces,” the statement said.

3. June 2012, McCain and Graham appeared on every Main Stream Media channel trying to garner public support for the funding of Syrian Rebels:

Trump's Right

Considering McCain and Graham had gone to Syria under Hillary’s direction. It’s obvious they were speaking for Hillary and the State Department when they made appearances on the media outlets.

4. August 2012, President Barack Obama used the phrase “Red Line” in reference to the use of chemical weapons:

Assad hadn’t threatened to use chemical weapons, so it seemed odd that Obama would give an ultimatum at this point.

Was he laying the ground work for  a red flag event?

5. September 2012, Hillary authorizes the CIA to secretly provide arms and training to un-named Syria rebels in Turkey:

CIA operatives, and U.S. special operations began secretly training Syrian rebels (ISIS) with anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons, months before President Obama officially approved plans to arm them. This was confirmed by U.S. officials.

The covert U.S. training at bases in Jordan and Turkey also began to supply arms and ammunition from these bases to the rebels in Syria, raising suspicions that Obama would provide heavier weapons as well.

So far, the Free Syrian Army say they still haven’t received the weapons needed to regain the offensive in the country’s bitter civil war.

September 3, During an appearance on Fox News, General Thomas McInerney acknowledged that the United States “helped build ISIS”  as a result of ISIS obtaining weapons from the Benghazi consulate in Libya.

The General was asked if he thought of the arming so-called “moderate” Syrian rebels after militants kidnapped UN peacekeepers in the Golan Heights had been a good idea. “We backed the wrong people and not in the right part of the Free Syrian Army and that’s a little confusing to people, so I’ve always maintained….that we were backing the wrong types.”

September 6, A Libyan ship carrying 400 tons of weapons for Syrian rebels docked in southern Turkey. The ship’s captain was “a Libyan from Benghazi” who worked for the new Libyan government. The man who organized the shipment, Tripoli Military Council head Abdelhakim Belhadj, worked directly with Ambassador Stevens during the Libyan revolution.

Trump's Right

September 11, Ambassador Stevens’ last meeting before his death was with Turkish Consul General Ali Sait Akin, who was in charge of receiving the 400 ton shipment.

Why did Hillary lie about the attack and refuse to send help? Why were they told to stand down at the C.I.A. Annex?

Was Ambassador Stevens intentionally left to die because he knew too much?

6. December 2012, Syria’s accused of using Chemical weapons:

The Assad Regime denies responsibility for the chemical attack, and blames U.S. backed Syrian Rebels. Satellite images could neither confirm or deny the attack, or Assad’s involvement. Was it Assad, the rebels, or a CIA diversion?

7. December 2012, The Obama administration sends heavy weapons to Syrian rebels, The Sunday Times of London reports:

Diplomatic sources told the London Sunday Times that the U.S. “bought weapons from the stockpiles of Libya’s former dictator.”

The heavy arms include mortars, rocket propelled grenades, anti-tank missiles and the controversial anti-aircraft heat-seeking SA-7 missiles, which are integral to countering Bashar Al-Assad’s bombing campaign.

Many already suspected the US was sending heavy arms to Syria.

The administration has said that the previously hidden CIA operation in Benghazi involved finding, repurchasing and destroying heavy weapons looted from Libyan government arsenals, but in October evidence surfaced indicating that U.S. agents were aware of heavy weapons moving from Libya to Jihadist Syrian rebels.

There have also been several sightings of the SA-7  missile in Syria dating as far back as early summer 2012, as well as Gaddafi’s portable heat-seeking missiles.

The Wall Street Journal also reported that the State Departments presence in Benghazi “provided diplomatic cover” for the now-exposed CIA Annex, and the “weapons transfer” that Ambassador Stevens negotiated before his death, which involved sending heavy weapons recovered by the CIA to the revolutionaries in Syria.

8. Feb 1, 2013, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton waves goodbye after delivering a speech to the State Department for the last time:

Trump's right

Hillary’s not stupid, and has years of experience shielding herself from direct responsibility. She realized she needed to distance herself from the Syrian Conflict (that she helped facilitate) in order to run for President in 2016.

Is it just a coincidence that she resigned two months prior to the ISIS invasion of Iraq? Or did she know what was about to happen? With her life long history as my guide, I’d say she knew, and got out while the getting was good.

9. March 2013, ISIS has considerable military success:

The group has seen considerable military success with strongholds in several contested areas. In March 2013, it took over the Syrian city of Raqqa – the first provincial capital to fall under rebel control.

Initially, the group was believed to rely on donations from wealthy individuals in Gulf Arab states. With the majority of their money coming from U.S. allies in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, who supported its fight against President Bashar al-Assad. However, it was becoming more and more apparent they were receiving U.S. money as well.

10. April 2013, ISIS disavows their affiliation with Al Qaeda and are officially recognized by the U.S. as a Syrian rebel group:

Hillary resigned 2 months before ISIS was formally recognized as a Syrian rebel group, however, they had been an actively fighting Assad since late 2011, with U.S. support.

11. August 2013, CIA-funded weapons begin flowing to un-named Syrian rebels:

An anonymous U.S. official told CNN, the CIA-funded weapons have begun flowing to un-named Syrian rebels.

The official confirmed details first reported by the Washington Post but would not speak publicly.

“That’s something we’re not going to dispute, but we’re not going to speak of publicly either,” the official said.

The weapons are not American-made, but are funded and organized by the CIA. They started to reach the rebels about two weeks ago, the official said.

The weapons were described as light weapons, anti-tank weapons and ammunition. However, the Free Syrian Army reports they have not received any weapons.

12. September 2013, Kerry hints at transfer, but would not elaborate on specifics:

Trump's Right

Bernadette Meehan, a spokeswoman for the National Security Council said, “We aren’t able to provide inventory or timelines for every type of assistance we provide to the Syrian opposition,” and declined further comment.

When asked who would be receiving the weapons, Ms. Meehan again refused to comment.

13. September 2013, the CIA admits to arming Syrian rebels:

CIA admits to arming Syrian Rebels, but refuses to name the groups receiving them.

14. October 2013, The Syrian National Coalition and the Free Syrian Army continue to complain they haven’t received weapons from the CIA:

Where did the CIA weapons end up? If the Syrian National Coalition and the Free Syrian Army didn’t get them, were did they go? Did ISIS get all the weapons?

15. January 2014, Congress get’s involved and secretly approves U.S. weapons for Syrian rebels:

16. April 2014, Free Syrian Army Media Coordinator Louay al-Mokdad complains once again, about not receiving weapons from the U.S.

Louay al-Mokdad media coordinator for the Free Syrian Army said “We have been made promises from the U.S. administration of shipments of weapons, but we have not received any.”

“We have logistical help, but we didn’t receive any weapons as of yet. Our hope is that we will start receiving them in a short period of time,” Once again saying, “We have promises from EU countries and the U.S. that they will help us and support us.”

17. June 2014, The Northern Iraq offensive began when ISIS embarked on a major offensive in northern Iraq.

After repeated clashes with Iraqi military that began in December 2013, Isis launches a full scale invasion that goes almost un-opposed.

18. September 2014, Congress officially approved supply of weapons and 600 Million for Syrian Rebel Training

Trump's Right

The U.S. Congress gave final approval to President Barack Obama’s plan for training and arming moderate Syrian rebels.

The supply of weapons and cash approved by Congress, after the Obama administration asserted Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had used chemical weapons, seems to have vanished. As there has been no progress towards physically supplying the Syrian National Coalition or the Free Syrian Army with weapons according to Louay al-Mokdad, spokesman for the Free Syrian Army rebels.

Kerry Responded by saying, “It appears some things have not been reaching the opposition as quickly as we hoped.”

19. November 2014, The successful invasion into Iraq, has made ISIS the most cash-rich militant group in the world:

ISIS has earned significant amounts of cash from the oil fields it controls in eastern Syria, reportedly selling the supply to the Turkish government. It’s also believed they’ve been selling slaves, and looted antiquities from historical sites on the Black Market.

Prof Neumann believes that before the capture of Mosul in June 2014, ISIS had cash and assets worth about $900m. After capturing Mosul, this rose to around 2 Billion .

The group reportedly took over 450 million dollars from the Mosul branch of Iraq’s central bank. ISIS financial windfall continued to increase, as they maintained control of Iraqi oil fields without retaliation from U.S. or Iraqi forces.

Where was the Media coverage on these events:

Trump's Right

The Free Syrian Army repeatedly said they weren’t receiving the weapons promised them. Why didn’t the globalist owned media investigate where the missing weapons were going?

Why didn’t they investigate where the 600 million U.S. tax dollars Congress authorized for training went? Didn’t they wonder why 600 million dollars only produced 5 trained soldiers?

Didn’t the Media find it coincidental that after Congress said no to the arming of the rebels. ISIS was able to storm through Iraq un-opposed, capturing all the weapons and cash that Obama wanted to give them in the first place?

Why didn’t anyone in the Media wonder why a Mosul Bank would have 460 Million U.S. dollars on hand for ISIS to steal? American banks don’t even hold that much cash on hand.

Where was the Media investigate on why the Iraqi’s would leave behind Tanks, Armored Personnel Carriers, Surface to Air Missiles, Grenade Launchers, along with all their small arms and ammunition, without at least destroying them first?

We may never have the proof needed to hold Obama, Hillary, and the Rino’s accountable for ISIS. But things sure seem strange and a little too coincidental if you ask me…

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